The Step-by-Step Process

Is this the first time you have planned to work with a designer or illustrator?

Let me break down our creative process so you know what to expect!


1. Let's have a chat over the phone or a (much needed) coffee? 

If you already have a design brief that's great, but if you don't, it's no problem!  We can discuss your requirements, timescale and budget.

2. The next step is to complete The Brief Questionnaire - it's just a few questions to help me understand the brief a little further.

3. Time for research! I will look into your competitors & target audience and create a mood board to visually show concept ideas and inspiration.


The only time I set the bar low is for limbo
— Michael Scott - The US Office
concepts STAGE.png

1. Let's experiment! I will create mock ups & initial design ideas for you to look at.

2. We will discuss the concepts and I will take this feedback to develop the designs further. 



1. Once you are over the moon & happy I will create the final print or web ready designs for you!

2. Project completion - All good to go! Let's send the design into the world!