The Step-by-Step Process

Is this the first time you have planned to work with a designer or illustrator?

Let me breakdown our creative process so you know what to expect!


1. Complete The Brief Questionnaire [YOU]

2. Project quotation provided [ME]

3. Once approved, deposit invoice raised [ME]

4. Create a Project Timeline [ME]

5. Research / Moodboard [ME]

6. Discuss Moodboard LIKES & DISLIKES 


The only time I set the bar low is for limbo
— Michael Scott - The US Office
concepts STAGE.png

1. Create mock ups & initial drafts [ME]

2. Create further design drafts [ME] - Two rounds of amends are included

3. Select Final design [YOU]



1. Create final design [ME] 

2. Provide logo pack - if applicable [ME]

3. Provide icon & pattern assets - if applicable [ME]

4. Balance invoice raised [ME]